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Call for Proposals 2022

Girl in forest. Photo: Matilda Holmqvist

Photo: Matilda Holmqvist

Stiftelsen Skogssällskapet announces funding (SEK 20 million) for research in forestry and nature conservation.

Skogssällskapet is a public-service foundation working to promote forest management and nature conservation. One of its tools for attaining its objectives involves funding forest-related research and associated initiatives for communication and knowledge dissemination, in accordance with the foundation’s statutes. Skogssällskapet is one of Sweden’s biggest private funders of forest-related research, and awards grants annually.

Stiftelsen Skogssällskapet primarily provides funding for needs-motivated research in forest management and nature conservation.

Anyone affiliated to universities, university colleges, research institutes, and seats of learning in Sweden and Finland are invited to apply for funding from Stiftelsen Skogssällskapet. NGOs can apply for funding if the project in question will be conducted according to scientific methods or contributes in some other way to the foundation’s aims in the area of nature conservation. Applications regarding joint projects, involving researchers from both Sweden and Finland, are especially welcome.

See our webinar about Skogssällskapets call for funding (from 2021):

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