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Tax returns and tax planning

Tax legislation is an area that is constantly changing and, for a layman, keeping up to date is a tricky business.

The subject is complicated and time consuming, and perhaps you’d rather be doing other things. At the same time, it is an area that has strong bearing on your financial situation, and that may have legal consequences if it is not managed correctly.

Consultation with an expert is recommended, but choose your tax consultant carefully. As a forest owner, you are in a strong position to influence the amount of tax you pay, but this requires expertise in both forest and finance. And running a business alongside your forestry activities increases both opportunity and complexity.

Special regulations relating to forest taxation are missed by many normal tax experts. But not us. We are experts on forest tax.

Tax planning with a comprehensive approach

Skogssällskapet’s approach to tax returns and tax planning is comprehensive. The advantage of this is that one hand knows what the other is doing. The annual budget is the first step on the road. We design the budget according to your circumstances and opportunities, to ensure that you get the best possible financial result at the end of the year when it is time to submit your tax return.

Tax-deductible reinvestments

Before preparing the tax return, we have a plan for how profits or any losses can be used (yes, losses can sometimes be positive, at least from a tax perspective). Because we know your forest, we can give recommendations on how to reinvest in the forest instead of using the money to pay taxes. For example, pre-commercial thinning, planting, upgrading of roads, or any other activities that will bring a return in the future. Such investments are tax deductible.

Our comprehensive approach also enables us to find ways to balance surpluses and deficits from any other business activities.

Benefits of our management services

  • Best platform for increasing profitability
  • Tax must be paid, but we can ensure you pay the right amount of tax.
  • Integrated with your entire economy.