Vi har gjort Sveriges skogar och skogsägare rikare sedan 1912. Våra erfarna rådgivare hjälper dig – oavsett om du vill maximera intäkter, jakt eller naturvärden.

Skogssällskapet in the Baltic States

The Swedish Forest Society – Skogssällskapet – operates in Latvia and Lithuania. We provide all the services you need to own and manage your forest holdings – always with a holistic approach to maximise key values for you. We can help you increase your returns and develop your forest business.

Skogssällskapet currently manages approximately 50,000 hectares in the Baltic States, with clients varying from 20 to 16,000 ha. We provide services to private owners, companies, foundations, and municipalities by helping them to manage their forest capital.

Skogssällskapet has offices in Riga, Cesis and Ludza in Latvia. We also have an office in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Skogssällskapet's magazine Skogsvärden

Theme Nordic & Baltic countries in Skogssällskapet's magazine Skogsvärden

Number 3, 2015:

  • Great interest in the forest properties in the Baltic states
  • Björn Sprängare wants to develop domestic forest ownership

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