We have been bringing added value to forests and forest owners since 1912. Our experienced advisors can help you – regardless of whether you want to maximise revenues or promote hunting or nature values.

Your independent forestry and business partner

Skogssällskapet - your independent forestry and business partner

The Swedish Forest Society provides forestry, financial and property services, always with a holistic approach to maximise your benefit and protection. We help you to boost your returns and develop the business on your estate.  

Our forest managers and production managers offer all types of forest services. We can help you to formulate goals for your forest ownership in the form of a long-term plan and budget. We are also experts in forestry finance, and can offer services including tax advice, tax returns, financial statements and capital analyses. Our experienced consultants handle legal and property matters, such as intrusion, leases, valuation, purchase and sale of real estate.

With our broad expertise, we work successfully and professionally with generation change, co-ownership, and forest ownership at distance. Wildlife management, agricultural management and development of natural resources are services we are offering to more and more customers. We have no ownership ties to sawmills or other forest industries, so we can concentrate on optimising your timber business.

Every customer is unique

Our customers have different objectives: some want to maximise their returns, save for their retirement or raise the market value of their property, while others want their forest to help mitigate climate change. Some want natural forests, while others want better hunting grounds or a beautiful natural experience for visitors. And many want a bit of everything!

The size of forest properties varies – we handle everything from 20 to 20,000 hectares. Most of our clients are private owners, but we also help many foundations and some 80 municipalities with managing their forest capital. In such cases, we also develop recreational opportunities and natural experiences for municipality inhabitants. Several county councils have turned to us for help in developing the natural resources of the forest.

National and international operation

We administer 500,000 hectares in collaboration with large and small forest owners in Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Baltic States. Read more about the Swedish Forest Society in the Baltic States.

We have 25 offices in Sweden, strategically located where we operate. We can recommend high-quality forest contractors, and we are familiar with the local timber and real estate market.

Our timber trade is extensive. We are an efficient and reliable supplier of raw materials of timber, specialty assortments, pulpwood and bio-fuel to over 200 industrial customers in the Nordic countries, Europe and Asia.

Contact details for the Swedish Forest Society:

Phone: +46 77 122 00 44

Address: The Swedish Forest Society, Box 11374, S-404 28 Göteborg, Sweden