Certification in Latvia

We use an international certificate of sustainable forestry, at the same time ensuring environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable forestry.

The Certificate confirms that a company acts according to laws and regulations of Latvia and principles and criteria of the certification.

Read more about principles and criterias at FSC International's website External link, opens in new window.

Do you have complaints regarding the Skogssallskapet SIA forest management practices? Read more under Proposals and Complaints.

SIA Skogssallskapet has its own certification umbrella

The forest management certificate attests that the forests owned/held by the certificate holder are managed following the internationally-agreed principles of responsible forest management.

The resources manager certificate is issued to SIA Skogssallskapet, who has undertaken forests management on behalf of a number of owners. The certificate refers to all the forests under the respective manager, who covers also the certification costs and is responsible for compliance with the certification standard. The certificate holder may add new holdings to the forest resource under his/her management.

SIA Skogssallskapet group certificate includes the following companies:

  • SIA Silva Baltic
  • SIA Jaunmežs
  • SIA Istra Mežs
  • SIA Mālpils Mežs
  • SIA LH Forestry
  • SIA Zemgale Timberland
  • SIA Arbolat
  • SIA Cosmo Invest
  • SIA Lettfor
  • Privātpers. Š. Jānis
  • Privātpers. Š. Inta
  • Privātpers. M. Arnis

Description of Skogssällskapet´s certificate group land Pdf, 173.7 kB, opens in new window.

Forest management plan 2021 (in Latvian) Pdf, 4.2 MB, opens in new window.